Fundraiser: ASDF Appreciation

What is ASDF

ASDF is Another System Definition Facility and is the defacto standard build system for Common Lisp libraries and applications. ASDF has grown to be a vital component of the Common Lisp ecosystem. It forms the backbone of Quicklisp, which provides over 1500 installable libraries.

Who is ASDF

For almost the past decade, the often thankless job of developing and maintaining this facility has fallen on the shoulders of a small set of volunteers, led by François-René Rideau (faré).

Valentine's Fundraiser

In observance of the Valentine's Day season, the Common Lisp Foundation (CLF), The organization which manages, is hosting an Appreciation Fundraiser with a donation doubler up to US$5000.

Please show some love to the one who has put countless hours of personal time into this project! It has been agreed among the current maintenance team that faré will be the beneficiary for the current campaign.

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Double your Donation Right Here, Right Now

Franz Inc, together with another well-wisher who has asked to remain anonymous, have provided seed funding which allows us to double the contributions up to US$5000 made to the fundraiser by February 28, 2019. Please take advantage of this opportunity to amplify your contribution.

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Current Campaign Status

Last Refreshed: 2019-03-21T04:18:36 UTC

Individual Donations


US$ Totals

Individual donations in US$ (assuming $1.14/€, $1.00/111JP¥): $2689.78

Total campaign proceeds in US$, including matching gifts: $5379.56

Total to be disbursed to ASDF project maintainer: $4841.60